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The Free Dating Site for Bakers

Who knew? YES! There is a singles community for bakers and we are it. Meet local single bakers and cupcake lovers in particular. We are known as the free dating site for single cupcake lovers. Whether you’re a nut for an awesome cupcake or not all our welcome!

Cupcake friends date is the ultimate singles community for the cupcake lover in all of us. Best of all, you never pay a dime at the Cupcake dating Site because it is completely and totally free. And yes our claim to fame is we are the only dating site just for cupcake lovers! Oh and Bakers too and candstick makers. Seriously though our focus is on connecting REAL singles free of cost to other local singles. It just so happened that is all started with those who have a passion for baking cupcakes.

Browse single cupcake friends as we call them and meet singles in your area today!

Everybody loves having a cupcake once in a while, but there are those like yourself who just can’t get enough of the sweet treat. Cupcake Friends Date is a site that allows you to meet single cupcake lovers in your area.  

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